Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's a number?

Been a while since we've visited. What's a number to you? For me, it is basically a symbol for holding a "place" in something (simply a number). When we think of the year 2012, we think of newness, technology, and the world and where we are going. When we think of age, it is either assumed that it is the new beginning for something great, or it is basically time for us to choose our holding place to accept who we are at that moment and prepare to be done with it. Why do you think we must assume that when someone reaches a certain age that we must behave in a particular fashion. For example, when you cross 40 or 50 and go to your doctor for a checkup, the doctor prescribes certain tests simply because you are a certain age. When you become a Grandparent, it is assumed that you must look a certain way, dress a certain way, and certainly act a certain way ---- the way that others think you should act (not how you want to act). Personally, I choose to be who I am. By the way, had an incredible time at cheer practice this week. I actually did BETTER! Working on achieving the splits too. WooHoo!! Could be from all the support I am receiving. Had an incredible day of relaxation today too with my daughter and granddaughter with mani/pedi. My granddaughter just won 1st place in her cheer competition; doesn't get any better than this.

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