Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Sexiest Women in Sports LIST!

I am too excited about this one!!! Magazine just notified me of the following in a TWEET -- "Congrats! You're on our list of 2012's Sexiest Women in Sports". Doesn't get any better :) 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pompons, Pompoms, Pom-Poms?

I never thought the title of my new book would be so difficult and controversial. There are so many variations of the word pom poms, pompoms, pompons, pom-pons, pom-poms. It originates from the French word pompons and is referenced in dictionaries as pom-poms too. Most of the Cheer sites have the original word pompons or pom pons (which is just weird). Seems it is more of an opinion. Please what's yours?

Larry Hagman -- JR

Yes, we knew him as JR. Wanted to include another picture to our tribute to this great actor. It was my privilege to have acted in scenes with him. Although I am new at this, he treated me and others with the utmost respect and was so friendly. I'll never forget this scene -- Show #1 of Season #1 at the Cattle Barron Ballroom. I had on my black hat and wore it proudly ---- and was so taken with JR.