Monday, March 12, 2012

How old is the Dallas Cowboys Football Team?

I was thinking about this today as I was in my session with my trainer. How old is the Dallas Cowboys Football Team? 1960 Baby!!! Let me hear a Holy Cow - I am 55! That means I am older than the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. HA. Too Funny. My trainer asked me today in the middle of TRX training "How old are you in your mind?" I thought about it and said "That's a great question Carlos." He and I discussed this age thing, and I told him very honestly that on most days, I think and feel in my early 20's. There have been occasions when I was sprinting (yes sprinting) when I truly felt like my high school days in track. That being said, it depends upon the day and how I am feeling. Some days 18 and some mid-20's. Sometimes when my feet hit the floor first thing in the morning, I feel my age (for about 10 minutes), and then that wonderful cup of coffee with honey and my fav creamer, I feel 20 again!!!! WooHoo. Dare to ask yourself "How old do you feel?" By the way, it was an AWESOME training session today. My trainer has me doing Planks like I have never seen before. He is ripping me from the top of my core to the bottom of my core. We train for long and lean -- not for the muscular look. That's another story. Be consistent and keep training.
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