Sunday, February 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Well . . . maybe not Perfect :)  Went to "Cheer Practice" yesterday, and my coach was pleased but I still have work to do. I did learn that my body has a mind of its own sometimes. When my coach is trying to teach me how to move, my arms sometimes go places that look like a little bird trying to learn how to fly. Funny! Those hips get to rolling, and I don't even realize it. So . . . this week I'll work on "taking pictures." That means 2-counts of basically posing. If you do these quickly, it really looks sexy. If I can come up with my pictures, then I'll have a place to go if I forget my freestyle routine or just need to rest in between. The adult choreography dance class afterwards was too fun. I did better!!! WooHoo! I like to say that I didn't perform as bad as I did before. Any improvement is improvement, and I'll take that all day long.

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