Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fitness at any Age

As we get older (absolutely going to happen), we may think that we should slow down. How about that rocking chair -- sound good? Well, yes and no. I do love to rock; and sometimes I like it in a chair. Most of the time, rocking to me is to the 70's or Funky Rap. Anything that gets you moving so your body can reach limits that most people think it shouldn't or couldn't. Not! I don't even think about age when I am working out -- do you? These people doing TRX over 70 certainly don't think about age.  Rocking in the 60s and 70s!!!! Here are some more good articles if you find yourself worrying about working out at your age.

Discovery - Fitness at any Age
Men's Health -- Strength at any Age
CNN - Super Fit at any Age
Triple F - Fitness is for Any Age

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Need a vacation?

Taking a few days off during the holidays forced me to reflect on how important TIME is for us -- downtime that is such as vacation. Like many of you, I find myself going nonstop during the week and continuing the same practice over the weekend. This gets even tougher when you have small children at home resulting in no "me time." Now that I am approaching my return to work on Monday, I am actually ready to return. It is good for us to force ourselves to take time off. Here are some really good informational sites to encourage you to do so. Web MD - Vacations, CNN supports time off, and even health care companies support it -- United Healthcare.