Sunday, February 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Well . . . maybe not Perfect :)  Went to "Cheer Practice" yesterday, and my coach was pleased but I still have work to do. I did learn that my body has a mind of its own sometimes. When my coach is trying to teach me how to move, my arms sometimes go places that look like a little bird trying to learn how to fly. Funny! Those hips get to rolling, and I don't even realize it. So . . . this week I'll work on "taking pictures." That means 2-counts of basically posing. If you do these quickly, it really looks sexy. If I can come up with my pictures, then I'll have a place to go if I forget my freestyle routine or just need to rest in between. The adult choreography dance class afterwards was too fun. I did better!!! WooHoo! I like to say that I didn't perform as bad as I did before. Any improvement is improvement, and I'll take that all day long.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Consider the word Confidence and the meaning -- "the quality or state of being certain." When you know about something whether it is through some sort of higher scholastic learning, to know through experience, or sometimes it is just a gut feeling and we are certain. Another way to achieve confidence is preparation. This is a requirement in most goal achievement. I am in the midst of that process right now. I felt it strong today. I am confident (that state of being certain) that I am ready for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders audition process. I am working very hard for the first round (free style) and hopefully to be interviewed by the Judges. I am working on improvement for the second round -- choreography delivered in a quick manner -- this is tough. However, I will not give up! I will hang in there. This is too much fun, and I am anxious to see how it all turns out. I am off once again to my evening dance class. Will do it all over again Saturday morning. I HAVE AN AWESOME COACH!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Got my Jagger Moves On

Went to dance class yesterday, and I had a blast! The room was probably hotter than it should have been (85 degrees), but I really enjoyed it because I also got a good sweat. I still struggle with remembering the very quick choreography, but I don't any issues at all when I have a little time to learn a routine. The good news this may not knock me out of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tryouts altogether. Our Thursday night instructor said "If you forget your choreography, then just free style. Don't just stand there!" She said one of the girls last season made it all the way through camp even though she totally forgot her choreography during tryouts. So there is hope for me. I won't give up! Hopefully, along the way, I'll remember some of the moves.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time to Move like Jagger

WooHoo -- Let's go cheer! I have my new dance shoes on, and I am really not sure about this since I have never owned a pair of tiny dance shoes like these. They feel a little snug to me, but the dance store said they will form fit to my feet after one dance practice. I went to my club today and ran my dance routine, and I feel really good about the opening number. It is remembering the other routines that bother me -- QUICKLY! I go to Kitty Carter Dance Factory tonight to dance with all the lovely ladies. Then I meet with my private coach on Saturday at KJ Dance Studio to fine tune my routine. Super News!!!! Channel 11's Tracy Kornet starts filming the story mid-February. This will be fun. I am having the time of my life.