Saturday, March 10, 2012

Which Top 40 is this?

Too Funny -- in order to perfect my moves, I have been practicing with no music. Then wouldn't you know it on the very day that I take an ipod, I can't figure out how to get the volume to go up! After trying for several minutes, I did get it turned up. The only music I have on the ipod is Ted Nugent's Snakeskin Cowboy, Steven Tyler's Back in the Saddle Again, and ZZ Top's Viva Las Vegas. You can truly rock it out with these guys. Ironically, most of the beautiful young ladies that I typically practice with don't even know who these guys are. So one of the instructors at my gym loaned me a Top 40 CD with today's music on it. This way, I can practice my 8-count moves to music that more likely will be used on the day of auditions. I still have to say, there is nothing like the music of the 70's. Those of you that are from that era know exactly what I am talking about. Carry on my wayward son . . .

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