Monday, May 28, 2012

Military Dance Show for Memorial Day

The Hot Flashes Dance Team

The Hot Flashes Dance Team Members

Got My Rifle (wooden of course)
As promised, a follow up for Ladies of The Hot Flashes Dance Team. We had a fabulous time at the Move to the Groove Ball on May 26th at the Lakewood Theater, Dallas, TX. We marched in our camo attire, saluted to Lee Greenwood's America, booty popped, bumped/grind to a beat that would make anyone want to get up and dance. If you've ever dreamed of doing something in your life, what's stopping you? Take a chance. What will it hurt?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funniest Video of DCC Journey

I really must give credit where it is due. This has to be the absolute funniest video (in Chinese) ever of my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Audition (DCC) that I have ever seen!!! I am still laughing, and I thought you too might enjoy. Ignore any profanity associated with it.
Chinese Video

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dancing with Camo and Guns

Mean Green Dancing Machine
I can't wait until tomorrow night. I'll have my first show with my new dance team Saturday night at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas, TX. I have been practicing the marching, salutes, booty pops (yes we have a lot of them), hip/hop, jive, and whatever else I decide to throw in. This is a sneak peak at the outfit. I'll post pictures after the show.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dancin Dancin Dancin -- Dancin Machine

No, this is not me! It is part of dance outfit in preparation of my first upcoming show with my new dance team. We will be performing to a military theme in celebration of Memorial Day. I'll also be wearing combat boots, and we carry wooden guns and march in perfect harmony. The dancing is incredible, and these girls know how to get down! There will be about 35 of us performing complete with hip rolls, booty pops, and all sorts of other pops.
Sharon's website

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cutest little cheerleader

Cutest Little Cheerleader

Someone else did this and put on internet.
Just had to share. Karen from my office got me this precious keepsake of my DCC Journey; the cutest little cheerleader ever. The second picture was created by someone else (unknown) -- found it floating on the internet and thought it was clever. THANK you Karen and THANKS to everyone for all of your supporting comments and for sharing your own dreams and goals. I encourage you to shoot for the stars always. One of the guys in my building today approached me saying he saw my DCC story and had to share that he too stepped outside his box and is now singing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! He too gave up a dream when he was younger and pursued again in his 50's -- kudos to him. Today has been surreal -- radio interview 6:15 a.m. with 106.1 in Wisconsin (Packer country), Channel 11 CBS at 8:30 a.m. for interview (should air tonight), and then a British journalist with Splash with my story and photo shoot. Harley is now "Hollywood Harley" because he was in a lot of the photos. Tomorrow morning, radio interview with Sirus Playboy Channel at 9:20 CST -- should be fun!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dallas Morning News - Audition Interview
Kudos to the reporter for the Dallas Morning News, Ronald Baselice, for capturing my feelings during the audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on May 5th. This guy did an awesome job with both the interview and also capturing the best moments of my freestyle dance.

Closing thoughts . . . DCC Journey

Just a couple more moments to share with you . . . I am attaching pictures of the incredible girls with one incredible lady - Kitty Carter (top row - 2nd from left). If you would like to see more memories of the girls and stadium, just let me know. I have an album that I have posted on Facebook. You can also subscribe to my page Sharon FB page.

CMT Producer - Mitch Glazer

Allow me to introduce to you one of the NICEST (handsome too) television producers that I have ever met!!! Mitch Glazer treated me like a queen when he did the background story on me, and his crew members are equally awesome. They were so careful when they were literally all over my house not to hurt anything, and he also treated me so respectfully when he interviewed me and my daughter. Hollywood Harley even played a role in the segment while he methodically chewed on his pink bone on the bed. All producers should pay close attention to how Mitch interviews his guests to get the most out of the story they are seeking. THANK YOU MITCH!!!! I so enjoyed meeting you.

Journey to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions

Only a few more things to share with you about the Journey to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions, May 5, 2012. Even though I wasn't one of the lucky ones to be selected to move on to round two (which is happening RIGHT NOW, May 6th), it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!!! I have no regrets whatsoever and would do it all over again. I learned so many things --- I can do the Booty Pop thanks to BJ's instruction! I was able to teach some of my little favs about the importance of nutrition, and Crystal Anderson's abs looked awesome and I am so proud of her. She followed my nutrition plan and landed a spot on today's roster for Semi-Finals. There were about 350-375 gorgeous and talented girls, and only 135 or so were selected to return today. From this number, I am hearing approx 75 will be selected to go to the Interview Round. I trained hard, stretched until I thought my ligaments would pop, ate healthy non-processed foods (except for my weekend two scoops of ice cream), learned new choreography each week, met some AWESOME GIRLS, and most importantly - I met my goal to audition for the DCC. I feel I rocked my freestyle thanks to the incredible Audrea Cowan's training even though I forgot some of it towards the end --- then I just let loose and Mama got down. I could hear Kitty Carter's voice saying Mama -- get it - I love what you do. Hearing her helped me totally let loose - still just love that woman! For those of you thinking "I wish I would have tried what I have always dreamed of doing" and you haven't pursued that dream yet -- DO IT NOW - no regrets here. Never allow anyone else to set your limitations for you. Still loving life in my world -- WooHoo

Friday, May 4, 2012

Road to DCC - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders audition

The countdown begins! In less than 24 hours, me along with hundreds of other DCC hopefuls will either be performing freestyle or anxiously awaiting their turn to do so. I am so honored and blessed to have this opportunity, and I can't wait to be there. I am tanned (not like Fitness of course) with a Golden Bronze spray, and I'll have the French polish applied this afternoon. I have my baked chicken going on in the oven along with two sweet potatoes. I'll have to go by the grocery store in a little while to pick up the magical veggie, asparagus (does wonders for sucking it all in naturally).

We attended more mock auditions last night at Kitty Carter's Dance Factory (we love Kitty), and I had a blast. I actually remembered the choreography! I was delighted with that. We all listened as the judges provided their feedback, and then you take in what is appropriate for you and apply that -- leaving the rest up for consideration. Having been judged by numerous judges over the last 6.5 years, I have learned to do just that. My private coach has been a darling during this whole process -- Audrea Cowan. She has provided her expertise and given me the tools with which to work with and be successful. I want to make her proud.

More media -- CMT last night and Inside Edition requests today. I don't know where this road to DCC will go, but I am having a blast driving along the path. Would be a dream come true to be on that incredible field; would be a DREAM to at least make it through the first round :) .I hope my quest provides some inspiration to jump out and take chances with things you may have considered doing in the past. Remember -- never allow anyone else to set your limitations for you -- go for it! WooHoo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

CMT background story

So how fun is this? CMT just finished up doing the background story on me as a DCC hopeful for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team show. The producer and crew were all awesome people, and they made me feel totally comfortable. I am so impressed with their professionalism and looking forward to the final product. My daughter even got to provide her input into some of the story which was very special for me. We finished up with stretching and freestyle dancing at Kitty Carter's Tonight we have mock auditions again, and I can't wait to see who the judges might be. Then it's off for tanning and nails tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DCC Dance Training Class

Me and Tracy Kornet -- TEASER

Not sure how long this link will be available, but here is a little teaser for tonight's broadcast, Channel 11, 10:00 p.m., CBS.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wish me Luck!!!!!!

I am receiving so much support from friends, business associates, and acquaintances that it just melts my heart. I am so ready for this Saturday, May 5th, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders auditions. I am receiving cards, calls, e-mails, flowers, and very wonderful wine for the after celebration. My husband surprised me today with these! WooHoo!!!! Unbelievable. I also received a surprise visit from former Dallas Cowboys, Jesse Penn, who came by my office today to wish me luck saying he has been hearing about me from his former employer.

Me and Tracy Kornet!!!

WooHoo -- Tracy sent me a teaser picture for tomorrow night's broadcast of our fun time in dance class. She wanted to join all of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hopefuls. She is one incredible lady and one of the best anchors in the business. The picture depicts our stretching moves prior to Miss Audrea getting hold of us and using us as rubber bands basically. Tracy said she couldn't walk for a week after class was over. Then of all things, she broke her foot (after class was long gone -- I didn't do it!). I would love for you to share in my fun. The broadcast will be Wednesday, May 2nd, Channel 11, KTVT, 10:00 p.m. news. KTVT