Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Silettos to PomPoms

Had a wonderful time at cheer practice Thursday night. I got to meet a lot of new girls (some with the Mavs and some with Dallas Stars). Our instructor, the infamous Kitty Carter, was on a roll too. She was talking about her swag and had us all cracking up! My flexibility is getting much better, but I have to stretch every single day sometimes twice daily. My right splits are now just about 6 inches from the floor; I am so excited. I don’t have any issues with the physical agility portion which has always been a good thing. Thank heavens for all the training for fitness competitions. One of the highlights of my night (which ended after midnight) was Kitty asked me if I could help my favorite little DCC hopeful, and of course I jumped all over it. I will prepare a nutrition plan to help her become more toned; that’s all she needs to be close to perfect. I’ll also give her one of my books and make sure she studies the section on nutrition.  I call this “paying it forward.” It is wonderful to be able to give back. 
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fit at Any Age - 93!

Amazing - as reported in Shape Magazine, 93-year-old Gladys Burrill finished the Honolulu Marathon for the 5th time!!! She is the oldest woman to complete a 26.2-miler. They call Gladys the "Gladyator" who says the key is exercise and a healthy nutrition plan (imagine that). Her motto is "When you cease to dream, you cease to live." I am living my dream - are you?
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shake your booty

And I did just that at cheer practice on Thursday night -- WooHoo! After a rough practice last Saturday, I decided to completely relax and concentrate so I could remember the choreography. It worked! Amazing what you can do with the right mindset. I began to basically shake my booty and dance, and magically the moves came. Crystal (wonderful 18 year old) was amazing as always. Several other younger girls totally rocked too. The Cheerleaders that came to dance were also incredible. I really felt like I was part of the team last night, and I was completely confident. It suddenly hit me -- what if? What if I work really hard and make it through the first round (freestyle - good chance), then second round (would be a miracle), and then comes the interview (would look forward to this one), and finally the solo round (this would be mine Baby). The possibilities are endless I'd say.

Never allow anyone else to set your limitations -- the sky is the limit!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheer practice

Today was a bit more of a struggle than most. I received news this morning there will be more viewers at my audition than I originally thought. I am totally committed to this journey of auditioning for America's Sweethearts -- The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I am also committed to taking each step as serious as the next and striving to be successful for an incredible end result -- living out the dream! I am not taking this lightly; this is hard work and totally worth it. I would only hope that the additional attention during auditions will be conducted respectful and allow me to put everything I have into the task. Yes, this is fun and I am totally excited; who wouldn't be. But this is also serious business, and I'll need to concentrate to be at my best. All that being said, practice this morning was a struggle. I will do better next time. I suppose I'll have to get used to the added attention. I did find out I'll need to get some new tennis shoes -- special ones for kicking. I found out a cool place to purchase the little Shortie Shorts. Need both of these to get my groove on. More practice this week. Stay tuned. I am determined my next report will be that I rocked it.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

How old is the Dallas Cowboys Football Team?

I was thinking about this today as I was in my session with my trainer. How old is the Dallas Cowboys Football Team? 1960 Baby!!! Let me hear a Holy Cow - I am 55! That means I am older than the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. HA. Too Funny. My trainer asked me today in the middle of TRX training "How old are you in your mind?" I thought about it and said "That's a great question Carlos." He and I discussed this age thing, and I told him very honestly that on most days, I think and feel in my early 20's. There have been occasions when I was sprinting (yes sprinting) when I truly felt like my high school days in track. That being said, it depends upon the day and how I am feeling. Some days 18 and some mid-20's. Sometimes when my feet hit the floor first thing in the morning, I feel my age (for about 10 minutes), and then that wonderful cup of coffee with honey and my fav creamer, I feel 20 again!!!! WooHoo. Dare to ask yourself "How old do you feel?" By the way, it was an AWESOME training session today. My trainer has me doing Planks like I have never seen before. He is ripping me from the top of my core to the bottom of my core. We train for long and lean -- not for the muscular look. That's another story. Be consistent and keep training.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holy Cow - I finally rocked it!

Hopefully graduate to big PomPoms
I couldn't wait to get home this afternoon to share that I finally rocked it out in dance class. My incredible cheer/dance coach, Audrea Cowan, taught us a routine to die for -- totally rocks. The cool thing is it brought me back to my fitness roots. She had us crouching down to the floor, rolling over on our rears, and lying on our backs. Doesn't sound like NFL Cheerleading stuff does it? All of this was done with such dramatic sexy moves that I was totally able to pull it off. I was able to remember most of the choreography, and the rest simply followed. I have been pumped ever since this morning -- WooHoo -- I'm on the way!
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Which Top 40 is this?

Too Funny -- in order to perfect my moves, I have been practicing with no music. Then wouldn't you know it on the very day that I take an ipod, I can't figure out how to get the volume to go up! After trying for several minutes, I did get it turned up. The only music I have on the ipod is Ted Nugent's Snakeskin Cowboy, Steven Tyler's Back in the Saddle Again, and ZZ Top's Viva Las Vegas. You can truly rock it out with these guys. Ironically, most of the beautiful young ladies that I typically practice with don't even know who these guys are. So one of the instructors at my gym loaned me a Top 40 CD with today's music on it. This way, I can practice my 8-count moves to music that more likely will be used on the day of auditions. I still have to say, there is nothing like the music of the 70's. Those of you that are from that era know exactly what I am talking about. Carry on my wayward son . . .

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Got my moves going on today

So excited! I went to my club today to practice my free style routine, and it is looking very nice. I am comfortable with all of my 8-counts, hip roles, bumps and grind. By auditions, I should be set to go. My physique is where it needs to be, and I can still have my scoop of ice cream on the weekend as my weekly treat. This is so much fun, and I encourage you all to consider something new. Try something outside your normal routine; something that you may never even consider again. Try it - you just might like it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's a number?

Been a while since we've visited. What's a number to you? For me, it is basically a symbol for holding a "place" in something (simply a number). When we think of the year 2012, we think of newness, technology, and the world and where we are going. When we think of age, it is either assumed that it is the new beginning for something great, or it is basically time for us to choose our holding place to accept who we are at that moment and prepare to be done with it. Why do you think we must assume that when someone reaches a certain age that we must behave in a particular fashion. For example, when you cross 40 or 50 and go to your doctor for a checkup, the doctor prescribes certain tests simply because you are a certain age. When you become a Grandparent, it is assumed that you must look a certain way, dress a certain way, and certainly act a certain way ---- the way that others think you should act (not how you want to act). Personally, I choose to be who I am. By the way, had an incredible time at cheer practice this week. I actually did BETTER! Working on achieving the splits too. WooHoo!! Could be from all the support I am receiving. Had an incredible day of relaxation today too with my daughter and granddaughter with mani/pedi. My granddaughter just won 1st place in her cheer competition; doesn't get any better than this.