Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheer practice

Today was a bit more of a struggle than most. I received news this morning there will be more viewers at my audition than I originally thought. I am totally committed to this journey of auditioning for America's Sweethearts -- The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I am also committed to taking each step as serious as the next and striving to be successful for an incredible end result -- living out the dream! I am not taking this lightly; this is hard work and totally worth it. I would only hope that the additional attention during auditions will be conducted respectful and allow me to put everything I have into the task. Yes, this is fun and I am totally excited; who wouldn't be. But this is also serious business, and I'll need to concentrate to be at my best. All that being said, practice this morning was a struggle. I will do better next time. I suppose I'll have to get used to the added attention. I did find out I'll need to get some new tennis shoes -- special ones for kicking. I found out a cool place to purchase the little Shortie Shorts. Need both of these to get my groove on. More practice this week. Stay tuned. I am determined my next report will be that I rocked it.
Determined Female

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