Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Silettos to PomPoms

Had a wonderful time at cheer practice Thursday night. I got to meet a lot of new girls (some with the Mavs and some with Dallas Stars). Our instructor, the infamous Kitty Carter, was on a roll too. She was talking about her swag and had us all cracking up! My flexibility is getting much better, but I have to stretch every single day sometimes twice daily. My right splits are now just about 6 inches from the floor; I am so excited. I don’t have any issues with the physical agility portion which has always been a good thing. Thank heavens for all the training for fitness competitions. One of the highlights of my night (which ended after midnight) was Kitty asked me if I could help my favorite little DCC hopeful, and of course I jumped all over it. I will prepare a nutrition plan to help her become more toned; that’s all she needs to be close to perfect. I’ll also give her one of my books and make sure she studies the section on nutrition.  I call this “paying it forward.” It is wonderful to be able to give back. 
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