Saturday, April 28, 2012

Think and do it Nasty?

Cheer Practice was both a revelation and awesome at the same time this morning. I asked for feedback, and I am grateful to learn I need to think and then do it nasty/dirty. Before you get all hot and bothered, that is in mind only. The nasty part is to simply get myself in the right mindset, get low, get wider, and then do it like I feel it. I have been too nice and conservative with my dancing. I know how to do this (I already to it), and now I need to bring it when I am dancing. We also decided my Solo that I originally planned to do (my Fitness Routine) simply will not work. We are redoing that too. We worked on that this morning, and it will be much better than my Burlesque chair routine. Audrea is the Queen of Sexy, and I do trust her instincts; now I have to work really hard to get it down. Unfortunately, I must have been so consumed with my hour of new stuff, that I literally sucked in open dance!!!! I just hate it when that happens. I was disappointed in myself; I can do much better than that! This super nice gorgeous lady in dance class was so encouraging to me. She told me to forget about all that stuff and simply be myself and work it from the waist up and let the music take over. She was so encouraging and I appreciated her input. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will practice hard this week. Had my hair done this morning (blonde) so it is all set for the interviews and the auditions coming this weekend!!!! Can't wait - so excited.

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