Friday, April 27, 2012

Cheer Practice last night

Class was terrific as usual at Kitty Carter's Dance Factory last night. We had some awesome young DCC hopefuls in attendance, and Kitty looked gorgeous (she is always full of life). We stretched like rubber bands, killed a spider on the floor, and then we learned new choreography. Kitty pointed out to not wear the "Tightie Whities" when you can see them. Too funny, I asked one of the young more experienced dancers what she recommends for Split training, and she responded "Oh don't worry, just slide down and pop right into the splits, and the adrenalin will take you all the way down." I giggled and thought if I do that, you should call 911 immediately, because this Mama won't be getting back up. Most of us had removed our heavy makeup, loving referred to as stripper eyes, from the mock auditions, and a few brought in their outfits. I just received my new audition outfit from Terra's website. Her outfits are terrific for not only auditions but fitness attire too. I am attaching a sneak preview of my new outfit -- I so love Hot Pink! Kitty talked about the media and how prevalent they will be around audition time. Some of us will be featured on CMT for background stories -- should be fun. I am fully prepared to give my all to the audition process, and it never hurts to be very optimistic about the possibilities. My approach is and always will be "You have already won the minute you hit the stage!"
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