Friday, April 13, 2012

Auditions getting close!

I had an absolute blast in Kitty Carter's class last night. I arrived early and participated in Miranda's "kick class" which was awesome. We practiced the kick routine that the Cheerleader's kick line does on the field. This is not easy! Lots of stretching and even more cardio power required. In Kitty's class, we had a special guest that demonstrated makeup for audition purposes and everyday life. He did an incredible job. We had a lot of new faces too -- more DCC hopefuls. I actually had a very good night last night - there until almost midnight. The choreography is coming a bit more easy for some reason, and I am delighted with that. An important note is next Thursday are the Mock Auditions -- WooHoo we will be judged, sliced, and diced most likely.

Saturday morning, I'll start very early with a makeup and hair appointment, because we'll be filming again in Audrea's class. I heard through the grapevine that Tracy will be taking the class with me. Sounds like a lot of fun to me -- have to forget about the cameras.
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