Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance class today with Tracy

Had an incredible time today in dance class. I was so excited and honored that Tracy Kornet of Channel 11 took the time to join me and she actually DANCED with me. I have officially accused her of sand-bagging, because she was very good!!! We interviewed before the class started, and that was also a lot of fun and catching up. Then all the incredible girls showed up (mostly DCC hopefuls), and the fun started. Tracy held her own, and I had "some" good moments. Hard to move around with a mic strapped to you, but it was also a lot of fun. Audrea looked incredibly beautiful as always and was wonderful in front of the cameras. The girls all looked great too. We stretched, did pushups, and rose to situps until we choked. Then the choreography was funky and sexy -- just as sexy as our instructor. I can't wait to see us next week performing for the final cut of the interview and class time. I am having a blast with this incredible journey as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader hopeful!!!
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