Thursday, February 23, 2012


Consider the word Confidence and the meaning -- "the quality or state of being certain." When you know about something whether it is through some sort of higher scholastic learning, to know through experience, or sometimes it is just a gut feeling and we are certain. Another way to achieve confidence is preparation. This is a requirement in most goal achievement. I am in the midst of that process right now. I felt it strong today. I am confident (that state of being certain) that I am ready for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders audition process. I am working very hard for the first round (free style) and hopefully to be interviewed by the Judges. I am working on improvement for the second round -- choreography delivered in a quick manner -- this is tough. However, I will not give up! I will hang in there. This is too much fun, and I am anxious to see how it all turns out. I am off once again to my evening dance class. Will do it all over again Saturday morning. I HAVE AN AWESOME COACH!

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