Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Defining Moments

Many of you have heard me talk about defining moments or read about them in my book. We have to pay attention to the moment, grab onto it, and then make it happen. If we don't, it becomes just another fleeting idea. It is sort of like Opportunity Knocking -- you know the rest. It doesn't come knocking very often.

I had a wonderful defining moment a few months ago, and then I argued with myself about the notion to actually make it happen which is not like me. Then, I thought -- WHY NOT? That's my answer. I am in full preparation right now to try out for the fabulous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. How fun is that? I have never been a cheerleader or had any dance training, so this is obviously challenging. That's also what I said when I started out in fitness. I am taking two dance classes a week from two different instructors, and in classes full of incredible young women and having the time of my life. I do believe, this will be a first in NFL history.

Stay tuned, and I'll blog as often as I can about the experience. And remember, you are never too old to make it happen. You have to believe and then work your butt off!

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