Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do you look your age and/or feel your age?

Today, one of my team members from my "real job" made a comment that was age related about me competing, and he very quickly said "But Sharon, I don't think of you as being 55 -- EVER! I think of you as much younger." How old do you feel? How old do you think you look? If you feel very positive about both, then you are good to go. If you have any uncomfortable feelings about either question, then it's time to examine why and then make some positive changes. It may involve a simply make-over (hair, skin treatment, nails, grooming things . . .). If you feel older than your age, then that could be detrimental to your lifespan. Maybe it is time to examine your nutrition plan, your workout plan (if you have one), and finally your view of yourself in general. Appreciate who you are is number one. If you make changes, make them positive first for you and then for your family. They love you and want you around for a very long time, so do them a favor and really dig deep inside and ask these two simple questions.

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