Saturday, June 2, 2012

Interview with Brazil

Very exciting - I just finished a telephone interview with a reporter from Brazil who was interested in my training regimen including nutrition and exercise. He was also very interested in my journey to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Apparently, the news went all over Brazil. His name is Bruno Thadeu Prado Rodrigues, and he was awesome to visit with. He is here covering the story of Brazil's most famous soccer player, Neymar, who will be performing Sat/Sun, June 2-3, at The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Brazilian soccer team is a 5-Cup Champion Team!!! They do this all over the world. The stadium has standing room only -- 110,000 people!!! They are playing Mexico. He wanted me to come dance on the field with the player when he made his first score, but I am not sure that would prove to be appropriate for a Brazilian soccer game. :) I have watched videos of Neymar dance, and not only is he very cute - he dances very well. We wish our Brazilian friends the best of luck this weekend.
Brazilian News
UPDATE -- I have the story's link now -- Bruno's story

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