Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Success - What Does it Mean to You?

Having heard and seen other people's success stories this week made me ask -- What Does Success Mean to Me ----- and to You? To me, my success comes from doing what I want to do and loving it. I don't measure it by how much money I make at this point in my life (although it certainly doesn't hurt). Success to me is the ability to live my life and enjoy others and things around me -- sometimes seeing things in this perspective for the very first time. It means that I am appreciating things that maybe before I didn't feel was important or I simply didn't even notice. Success to me means going to a job that I enjoy doing, earning a competitive wage, doing a job that I am proud of and enjoy the people that I work with. Success is appreciating family members for who they are now and not what I want them to be. Success to me is striving for excellence in all that I do in the hope that I might influence others around me to do the same. While I will always strive to be better in all that I do (it is inherent), I feel satisfied. I am successful. How about you? FiftyFitFabulous

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