Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cherishing maturity gracefully

This past weekend, I had the honor and privilege of competing with some of the most amazing and beautiful women in the world in Fitness and Bikini at the Fitness America Pageant in Las Vegas, NV. I had full intentions of only competing in the fitness category, but on a whim and fluttering stomach, I made the very quick decision to compete in Bikini America. It was one of the best fitness decisions I have ever made; I had an absolute blast! I have found a new passion, and I fully intend to pursue this fun and vibrant category. The ladies are able to express themselves with passion and an underlying alter ego that is just fighting to come out to entertain. Some of the veterans were wonderful to assist me with the bikini and theme wear that is required for the part. I am very proud of my placement; I achieved 7th place out of eleven. To top that off, I placed in the top five for the very first time at a National fitness event -- I placed 5th place in Fitness America Classic (2nd place in swimsuit). Two of the most proud moments are when my husband tells everyone about his wife's fitness achievements, and the other one is my daughter posting on her Facebook for all to see how proud she is of her mom setting such an example of hard work, dedication, and goal setting for my grand kids. This makes it all worth it. What other 54 year young GiGi can say that? I am living the dream.

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