Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Competing in Fitness at 54!

I can't help it; I have to share. This is the week for both mental preparation as well as the physical aspect of competing in fitness at 54. I don't have doubts any more; I am passed all that. If I don't know it by now, then I don't have it -- and I do have "it." I feel strong, confident, and ready to compete with some of the most incredible women that I know. I will enjoy it, because they are my friends first, and then they are my competition. All we can do with anything that we approach in life is PREPARE, and that I have done for months now. The feeling is like none that I have ever known -- really hard to describe. Makes me sweat just thinking about it. When I get on the stage to share and entertain, it is exhilarating. The applause (and please do) just revs me up to do more, jump higher, and smile more. Still have to worry about the small things -- eyelashes, spray tan, and will my chicken stay cold enough. All in all -- I love it. What can I say. I leave this coming Friday for Colorado Springs to compete with an incredible group -- Triple-A, and I am really looking forward to it. I pray first for safety and then for success. Then it's off for an incredible event -- Fitness America Pageant Weekend in Las Vegas. WhoHoo

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  1. Congratulations Sharon, you are an incredible woman, a great competitor and a role model for many. Everyone is so proud of you.

    Look forward to seeing you in Colorado Springs on the weekend.

    Dave Robinet