Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do you ever get the feeling that . . .?

Do you ever get the feeling that if you lose weight, you really won't be the same? You might think differently about yourself. Your friends may look at you differently. Your spouse or significant other may not be able to relate to you anymore. I interviewed a lot of individuals while writing my book about this subject, and the feelings are so true. Anytime we may a change to ourselves, whether it be in our appearance or our approach to life, we feel concern how others may view us. Ladies and Gentlemen, please don't allow others to influence your decisions about your good health choices. If losing weight is something that could potentially save your life, help you become healthier, feel younger and more attractive, or just to fit in that favorite pair of old jeans -- then go for it! This is your choice. I am not saying anything negative about the choice to do otherwise, because that is your choice also. However, if making a change in your lifestyle produces a weight reduction, then go for it and don't allow anyone else to set your limitations. The people that I spoke with during my journey of writing my book were concerned about this very topic. I have heard the people treat them differently after they lose weight; there is even jealousy and resentment. There was one lady that I spoke with that said her husband would basically encourage her to eat more of the bad stuff and say bad things to her to discourage her. When we decide to make life changes including our appearance, health, education, careers, we may encounter jealousy and resentment. I have experienced this when walking into a gathering that is for mainly for people over 50, and they find out what I do (Fitness Competitor) and see me. I have been treated differently; the women sometimes won't talk to me and they are uncomfortable -- this is sad. I want to talk and share like anyone else; I just have different goals and ambitions for myself. I encourage anyone reading this to go with your instincts, ambitions, and desires to better yourself. Life a healthier lifestyle -- make changes for the better. You'll love it as I do.

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