Monday, October 7, 2013

Dirty Mudder Puckers -- The Run

Dirty Mudder Puckers - Bad to the Bone
The Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K was a blast on October 5th!!! Lots of money was raised for breast cancer research with the hope of doing some wonderful things and saving lives. I learned so much from the run and I wanted to share my experience for those of you considering this type of event.
  • Run Run Run -- some of the web research that I did indicates not to practice jogging or running -- but to sprint. This particular run had more than sprinting! There was a lot of RUNNING! Prepare.
  • Mud Run means just that - Mud! Get ready to have mud in places you never thought possible, and don't expect all of the mud to be gone after one shower.
  • No matter what type of shoes you invest in, there will be mud and small pebbles inside them as you are running.
  • You CAN save your shoes ----- we washed an entire river of mud and pebbles out of my shoes with a water hose. My white tank ---- that's another story (it is brown now).
  • Practice bear crawls; crawling on your belly while pulling with your arms and knees; climbing ropes ---- some HIGH; practice crawling out into a plank and then follow with your feet walkup to a pike and back again; weight train.
  • I give kudos to all of the women than ran -- some in shape and some not. Those that were not in shape KEPT ON GOING for the Cause and I salute them!
  • Be prepared to be sore and possibly hurt.
  • Most of all --- HAVE A GOOD TIME. I loved it and will do it again.
I hope those of you that took advantage of my books being offered free on October 5th enjoyed 

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