Thursday, September 19, 2013

Training for a Mud Run

Some of you will know what I am talking about when we discuss training for a Mud Run. This is my first run, so I am completely excited and wanting to learn how to train properly. I'll be running the Dirty Girls Mud Run 5K on October 5th. This run won't be too rough, but I want to approach it like it is the 24-Hour Death Race Mud Run. My team is called DIRTY MUDDER PUCKERS!! Ladies, there is still time to enter the race with me in the DFW area. Join under my team name, and we'd love to have you. I am providing some training tips that I have been adding to my daily routine 6 Tips to help you prepare for a Mud Run. This particular website is wonderful for workout training tips for fitness. Some of this weeks activities included:
  • Monday -- Strength-Training with combo box jumps, squats, with light cardio between each set.
  • Tuesday -- Nike Training with more box jumps, burpees with combo jump-back pushups, sit-ups of all kinds.
  • Wednesday -- Yoga (and I thought this was going to be easy!!!! NOT -- had to leave after 35 min).
  • Thursday -- Light strength-training, walking lunges, with strong cardio between each including SPRINTS!! I'll start adding more of these each day ----- I do not like to just RUN - Boring!
  • Friday -- I will do more Yoga, but this guy is crazy! He bends like a pretzel and it is more of a power-Yoga --- so it will not be relaxing to say the least.
I hope you too will benefit from my tips and tricks for fitness and health as we move along to the first mud run. I'll also be posting info on the nutrition plan -- as I eat my asparagus with salad/tuna.

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