Monday, November 26, 2012

J.R. (Larry Hagman)

Very first show of Season 1 -- Cattle Barron's Ballroom scene

JR (Larry Hagman) -- I can't help it . . . I am so moved by this man's legacy. I grew up watching DALLAS when my daughter was just a little girl. I watched an incredibly sexy Major interact with a gorgeous Bewitched! I watched someone shoot JR. Then I was fortunate enough to be able to stand on set with this man! I have ALWAYS called him JR (my Daddy's name too). The very first episode of DALLAS, I was in the scene when JR walks into the ballroom and sees Sue Ellen as she gives her speech to run for Governor. During the break, Mr. Hagman stands next to my bar table (the set), and he shows me his huge gold watch and says "Do you think it is too much?" I looked into his eyes, and I said "No, I think it is just perfect." He said "Me too." I then said "I think you are more handsome in person than on TV." He said "Well, thank you Darlin!" I'll never forget those words. It was just too perfect. Now that's JR -- the character I knew and loved. Excited me to no end, and I am grateful to know this wonderful actor even if only for a few episodes. RIP Larry Hagman -- you'll always be my JR.

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