Monday, August 2, 2010

1st Place Fitness - TX Classic July 31

How often does this happen? GiGi gets to perform a Fitness Routine "Wild Thang" with Granddaughter sitting on the front row with her mama (my gorgeous daughter) right behind her. It was so cool watching her facial expressions change with each competitor when they walked out on stage to do "their thing." When all the male bodybuilders came out, it was hilarious. She didn't know quite what to think with all those muscles. Then with all the pretty girls and the wonderful swimsuits on with all the bling -- her eyes just got bigger and bigger. I could see her little face with each move of my routine, and I watched her eyes as I came around to do the kicks and rolls. Her greatest joy was saying to her mama "GiGi can teach me how to do a toe-touch." She was referring to my V-Jump, where by the way my daughter told me very proudly that my toes were pointed and I actually touched them. I don't quite frankly don't remember a thing! When you are performing, sometimes it is a complete blur. This is a moment that I'll never forget. At 54, it is one to chalk up in the textbook of "greatest moments" -- performing with my family -- my granddaughter -- front and center. To be able to see all the pictures, click the link.

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