Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grandparents everywhere - listen up!

This conversation is for every single grandparent in the world. I just returned from my grandbaby's 4th Birthday Party where my other grandbaby, who is eight, was in attendance along with my beautiful daughter and her incredible husband. What an exciting feeling to be able to watch your grandchildren grow up healthy and strong and to ALSO be healthy and strong. This should be a wake up call for each of you to make better health choices nutrition-wise and exercise. This is your prescription to a longer life. Think about it. Do you want to watch them grow up; do you want to participate with them when they are running and playing; do you want to be there to watch them graduate and get married and have a family of their own? If you are thinking Yes, then this message is speaking loud and clear to you. Make some life changes for a healthier lifestyle -- now. Do it for you. I am so grateful that God has granted me the health, endurance, determination, and inspiration to tell others about my blessings. I am a Fitness Competitor at 54! I am a book author, and I am loving life and living my dream. Visit me at or to learn about my new book "Triple F - Fifty Fit and Fabulous."

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